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Star D Services most recently finished a private owned 5,470' Primary Underground Electrical Job consisting of 7,200 volts with 5 Single Phase Primary Pad-Mount Transformers, 8 Primary Underground Pad-Mount Junction Cabinets, and 9 Secondary Services totaling of 1,483' of 3" conduit. The job also included 5,598' of 4” sch 40 PVC Water Main, Water Services, and 6 Water Pumps. Star D Services was the Sole Contractor on the entire job. Star D Services Designed, Engineered, Applied for Primary Metering Equipment through Bandera Electric Co-op, Built, and Completed the Job. Electrical Work included all primary energized "hot" work and switching.

The rock and concrete work included in the picture above is in a "flood zone" in the bottom of a canyon where the customer has installed asphalt roads. The floods were washing out the roads and washing rock and sediment into the drivable areas as it was eroding the canyon walls where the water drained with such force. So we came up with the idea to place the rocks with a backhoe; drill rebar into each rock, bend and weld the rebar together; then concrete the gaps to withstand even the biggest floods to come and still hold the natural beauty as if we never worked there. 
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